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UNIQA INSURANCE GROUP AG – Early redemption of subordinated fixed to floating rate bonds, ISIN: XS 0808635436 on 31 July 2023

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Vienna, on 19 June 2023

The Management Board of UNIQA Insurance Group AG ("UNIQA", FN 92933t) has today decided to terminate and prematurely redeem the EUR 350,000,000 subordinated fixed and floating rate bonds, ISIN XS 0808635436 (the "Bonds"), issued on 31 July 2013, of which a total nominal amount of EUR 148,700,000.00 is currently outstanding, effective as of 31 July 2023.

The necessary approval from the Austrian Financial Market Authority has been granted.

The bonds will be redeemed in full on 31 July 2023 in an aggregate amount of the currently outstanding principal of EUR 148,700,000.00 plus accrued interest.

The notice of termination to bondholders pursuant to § 11 of the terms and conditions will be published in the next days.



In case or inquiries please contact:

UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Investor Relations: Stoyan Angelov, Investor Relations, +43 (0)1 21175 2028,
+43 664 88915924, stoyan.angelov@uniqa.at

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