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Complaint for damages resulting from Infinus investor claims / First instance dismissal of FuPro Consort's complaint

Update of the disclosure of inside information pursuant to Art 17 MAR of 13 November 2020, 4 May 2022 and 18 August 2022

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On 13 November 2020 and 4 May 2022 UNIQA Insurance AG published ad hoc disclosures pursuant to Art 17 MAR that a German special purpose entity has filed respectively increased a complaint for damage claims based on private law against UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG ("UNIQA Österreich") in its capacity as legal successor of former FINANCE LIFE Lebensversicherung AG. The complaint of the German special purpose vehicle, FuProConsort UG (limited liability), has been dismissed due to lack of right to file such complaint in the first instance by a judgement served upon UNIQA Österreich today. The judgement is not final.

The other proceedings in this matter (see ad hoc disclosure pursuant to Art 17 MAR of 18 August 2022) are pending.

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